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2023-03-14 : Release party !

This is it!! We have a release date and a place and 2 extraordinary bands booked to accompany us in our release party ! We'll tell you more soon !

2023-03-10 : Pressing

After a hard work on the artwork (that we can't wait to show you), the album is ready for pressing!

2023-01-31 : Label !!

It is not without pride that we announce you that the album will be distributed in collaboration with a label, we say more soon! There is still a lot to do to organize the release of this album with dignity!

2023-01-26 : Mastering !!

We are super excited to announce that the mastering of the album was done by the prestigious Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio who is a progressive metal specialist having contributed to many of Arjen Lucassen's projects (Ayreon, Vuur, The gentle storm...), but also prestigious bands such as Haken, Adagio, Devin Townsend Project... In short, we will stop here the references because it is to have the head turning !!